English CV

I translate from Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German into English and Finnish, and of course from English into Finnish

Formal education:

Commercial College (2 years); Bank, Management and Language Courses over several years. MBA Studies in 1986 -1991.

Born in Helsinki 7th of August 1942 and lived in

  • Finland 41 years
  • Denmark 15 years
  • Switzerland 11 years and
  • England 5 years

My Translation Skills: Why I Am a Translator?

At the age of 21 I translated the first book from English to Finnish (303 pages). This was after I had become “addicted” to reading T. S. Eliot, and further all his other works, in the original language, starting at the age of 17. This meant that by the time I had completed my first translation, my knowledge and understanding of the English language was far superior to that of the average Finn. I found then that translations were a challenge for me and now, over 50 years later, they remain a challenge. It is perhaps the main reason why I am still interested!

My interest in the above mentioned languages, including Swedish and Norwegian, has been of a very practical nature. After I learned Swedish and English as the first foreign languages in school, I have studied German in the Goethe Institutes in Munich and Copenhagen, and Danish and German in Copenhagen.

In practice, I started as an interpreter in 1967 in London working for International 5 Menswear Company (the name is derived from the five countries involved) and the leading menswear manufacture Kruunupukine in Turku, Finland. I was the only person during the seven years working for these companies who could speak/interpret to English and back to Finnish and Swedish.
During my business career stretching over 40 years, apart from two years in banking, and as an executive manager in textiles and clothing over 30 years, I also worked as a management coach in strategic management.

I moved to Denmark in 1991 and needed to learn better Danish and German. In 1994 I joined a German furniture retailer called Domicil GmbH, who at that time had a furniture factory in Denmark. The interpreting was now from Danish to German and back. In 2004 I moved to Switzerland and speak German on a daily basis. I have kept my language up to date by editing websites, writing articles, translating books and articles, and conversing the languages I know.

Since 2004 I have translated technical household equipment manuals from Danish into Finnish, and articles between the languages mentioned above. My translation work got a further boost in 2010 when I started to work as a freelance translator. I currently work regularly with a dozen translation companies. Between April 2010 and July 2014, I have translated over 4 million words between the six languages mentioned. My latest projects privately are translating three books from German to English, transcribing lectures for a book in English and a fair amount of Web designing.

What Can I Offer You?

I can personally translate perfectly into two languages – Finnish and English back and forth. Also from German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian into Finnish and English. 

Someone of old has said: "God's language is silence, everything else is translation." (Perhaps Rumi, St. John of the Cross, who cares?)