• Introduction

    Translations into Finnish, English and Swedish I have come to realise that my way of viewing translation work is perhaps quite different from the way most people do, or in any case, from the way most of the professional translation agencies and customers think about it. The qualification for the “ideal candidate” for a translation assignment often includes the words “native speaker of the target language”. Between the languages that I work, i.e. translations into Finnish and English, a “native speaker” of English does not necessarily know the Finnish language well enough to translate from English into Finnish, and naturally vice versa. In other words: one needs a qualified “native Finnish speaker” for both! One important consideration is certainly how well the translator understands the translatable text. Furthermore, how he/she can convey the original meaning. This is a far greater challenge than what one first envisages! Let us take an

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Someone of old has said: "God's language is silence, everything else is translation." (Perhaps Rumi, St. John of the Cross, who cares?)