Learning Agreement Ablauf

Important: The Learning Agreement primarily serves the student by legally guaranteeing, prior to a stay abroad, the recognition of successful studies abroad at UniBw Munich. If you will not be taking a course, please leave the “Component Code” and “Number of ECTS-credits” columns in Table A and register in “Component Title”: Research for my doctoral thesis with the title”. (translation of the title of the thesis) ». In addition, please indicate in this column specific activities that go beyond self-employment in the library and that can be confirmed to you by the host university at the end of your stay, for example. B”participation in the XY conference”, “Technical interview with the professor/in XY” or “regular participation in the doctoral conference of the XY research group”. 3) The part of the learning agreement “after mobility” = Transcript of Records + Recognition form, aaa issuance: as soon as the recognition is made If you do not wish to be recognized for courses, please inform us by e-mail or register it directly on the Learning Agreement. Yes. Please add this course to Table C, do not contribute “added” or “deleted” and indicate the new number of ECTS points. The characteristic of the Erasmus programme is that studies at the host university can be recognised at the home university. To do this, they list in a “Learning Agreement for Studies” all the courses you wish to take and discuss your selection with the specialist study advisor in your program. For more information on using the Learning Agreement for Studies form, see the fact sheet. We also offer a virtual consultation on Wednesdays.

If you need a visa, you can be reimbursed for the visa application fee if you are from a third country. You can request the application form from tumerasmus@zv.tum.de. The Learning Agreement is divided into 3 sections that we explain below: 2.) You will receive the digitally processed documents by e-mail. For nationals of EU or EFTA countries, study stays within the framework of the EU are generally not a problem. However, outside the EU (e.g. B Turkey), you usually need to apply for a visa for stays for study purposes. Please check with the consulate of your host country. Do not enter without a visa….

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