Hosting Agreement Template

Please also note that the data processing rules contained in this document have been designed to ensure a fair balance between coverage, detail and brevity. In some cases, further details may be desirable and, in this case, a separate processing agreement is available. An optional alternative to the data processing clause in its entirety is included in this document, which concerns a separate processing agreement. In case of doubt, it is first necessary to obtain appropriate legal advice. PandaTip: This section for the web hosting contract template is standard and serves to protect you from unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the agreement. The host is responsible for providing accommodation and related services. This website hosting agreement is concluded between an individual (the host) and an individual(s) (the user). A member of the host`s Operations Center service desk is available for problems and questions regarding hosting services. The host will provide you with 24/7 phone support or email regarding hosting services. If it is found that the problem is not related to the accommodation environment, a tax may be levied at an hourly rate of. Personal data relating to the personnel of the parties shall also be exchanged when using this Agreement. A general data protection clause has been inserted regarding each party`s compliance with the law and its data protection policies. If the host is unable to provide the level of availability specified in the Service Level Agreement and the user follows its credit requirement procedures, the user receives a credit based on the credit percentages in Appendix B.

The Host Party shall indicate all loans due under this Agreement on the next invoice. Details are the key to a document like this. The host must know exactly what he is contractually obliged to provide to the customer as part of his hosting service and under what conditions. Service levels also play an important role. A separate hosting specification and details on the applicable hosting service levels should therefore be agreed between the host and the customer and included in the schedule provided. The GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act will be addressed in this proposal, in particular through an optional data processing clause. This provision assumes that the customer is the data controller and the host of the data processors. PandaTipp: This part of the template offers you a place where you can list all the direct costs related to the web hosting contract.

The customer may terminate this web hosting contract at his discretion if one or more of the following events occur: 1) non-compliance with all the conditions mentioned above. 2) Bankruptcy of one of the parties 3) According to a written agreement between the two parties, you can design the most beautiful, most functional website in the world, but if the server cannot support them, it does not do your business any good. The attitude of a professional with the publication of your website puts the stress related to the server in the hands of experts. A hosting agreement protects the guest and host and makes expectations understood from the beginning. The user wishes to instruct the host to provide the services provided for in this agreement. This Agreement shall constitute the final agreement of the Parties. This is the complete and exclusive expression of the agreement concluded by the parties on the subject matter of this agreement. .

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