Goldmoney Client Agreement

The first 700,000 ordinary shares of the 1,063,000 shares are subject to one third of the automatic release of the first, second and third anniversaries of the closing. All of the above-mentioned 1,400,000 Warrants and the remaining 363,000 common shares are subject to unshakable performance over a three-year period, in accordance with the performance criteria of an advisory agreement between Goldmoney and Euro Pacific Asset Management LLC. Under the advisory agreement, Euro Pacific Asset Management will provide LLC with strategic development, product development, branding and marketing services for Goldmoney. Euro Pacific Asset Management LLC must pay a fee equivalent to 50% of Schiff Gold Inc.`s distributable income for a minimum term of twenty years. For a period of five years after the twentieth anniversary of the conclusion, Goldmoney has the right, but not the obligation, to terminate the consulting contract against a payment equal to the average distributable income of the last five years. For more than 35 years, Entrust has been a recognized authority in self-management. Entrust strives to provide personalized, professional services and training that allow clients to control their investment decisions. You can rely on The Entrust Group for up-to-date information on alternative self-controlled installations with IRAs. Our reports, webinars and live events can help you meet the growing demand to diversify your portfolio.

Goldmoney Inc. (TSX:XAU) (“Goldmoney”), a financial technology company that operates a global financial network, based entirely on reserves and gold, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an acquisition agreement for the acquisition of Schiff Gold Inc. (“SGI”) and a marketing and service agreement with Peter Schiff. SGI is a private precious metals retailer based in the United States (formerly founded in 2010 as Euro Pacific Precious Metals), one of the largest and fastest growing gold retailers, and provides a significant customer base with orders for the purchase and sale of precious metals, storage and vault agreements, as well as gold and silver-IRA arrangement services. Once the transaction is completed, the company will also enter into a marketing and service agreement with Peter Schiff, in which Mr. Schiff will integrate and support Goldmoney services for customers and subscribers across different companies and media platforms. Goldmoney Inc. is a global reserve and gold financial services group.

Goldmoney offers financial services as a trusted and limited third party and combines the unique characteristics of gold and technological innovation. Goldmoney® personal and Goldmoney® Business operates the world`s largest gold savings and self-controlled payment network that makes physical gold allocated as currency accessible to any person or business with internet access. Through GoldMoney® Wealth, the company provides bespoke precious metal custody and asset services, trading and execution, card services, tax-exempt pension accounts and independent research for wealthy investors and institutions. GoldMoney Inc. has more than 1,000,000 user requests from more than 150 countries and $1.8 billion in customer assets. Goldmoney is regulated as a FINTRAC precious metals dealer in Canada and Goldmoney Wealth is also regulated as a money services business by the Financial Services Commission of Jersey (JFSC). The JFSC is the main supervisory body that oversees and regulates Jersey`s large financial services sector. . . .

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