Free Rental Agreement Forms Manitoba

Personal data on these forms are necessary for the management of the residential rental law. This information is protected by the provisions of the Information Protection and Data Protection Act (FIPPA). They may only be used and disclosed in accordance with FIPPA. If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of this information, please contact: These forms are available in fill and print format. To download a form, click the link. To complete it, summarize from one gray area to another and enter the necessary information. Provincial Services, Manitoba Family Services and Labour This provincial government website links tenants to the forms needed to apply for RentAid benefits. If a lessor offers a tenant an extension of a temporary rental agreement, the tenant must sign the extension and return it to the lessor at least 2 months before the expiry of the term. If the tenant does not do so, the rental agreement is considered terminated with effect from the end of the term. Tenants cannot give a deadline to move during a fixed-term lease, but they can assign or sublet their lease to another person authorized by the lessor. A lessor can only legally terminate a rental agreement for specific and valid reasons defined by local law and cannot do so simply because the duration of the rental has expired. In the case of a temporary lease agreement, the lessor is obliged to grant the tenant an extension of the contract three months before the expiry of the term.

If the lessor does not offer an extension and the tenant decides to stay in the unit, the contract is automatically renewed for another period of limited duration. A landlord has the right to distribute a tenant who has knowingly violated a guideline without pets, but first, the landlord must verbalize the tenant in writing. If the tenant does not remove the pet, the landlord can give the tenant notice of the lease. If a pet causes damage to the property or disturbs other tenants, the landlord can also fine the tenant, followed by a move announcement. If a fixed-term lease becomes a monthly lease in the above circumstances, the lessor is not in a position to compel a tenant to sign another lease or to induce him to agree to another temporary term. If a lease is renewed, all other terms of the lease agreement, with the exception of a rent increase, remain the same, unless the lessor and tenant have agreed. The amount of notice period a tenant must incur to terminate a rental agreement depends on the structure of the contract as a monthly or fixed term.. . .


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