China Eu Sign Milestone Agreements On Civil Aviation Cooperation

2.3 Canada has been considering liberalizing its air transportation policy for some time. In recent months, Canada has become a more open aviation policy to promote travel, trade and tourism. Liberal air transport agreements have been concluded with the two main international markets, the United States and the United Kingdom. The new agreement, negotiated with the United Kingdom in April 2006, removed existing customs restrictions in order to better meet market demand and opened up fifth freedom operations to third countries. Recent statements by the aviation industry show that it sees liberalisation much more favourable than it did a few years ago. There is a general feeling that an open transatlantic airspace without Canada`s participation would not serve the interests of Canadian airlines. [4] • ECAC sets up the first European network of training organisations in the field of civil aviation. An important milestone for the Agency in December 2006 was the certification of the Airbus A380, the world`s largest commercial aircraft. The two agreements are an agreement on civil aviation safety between China and the European Union (EU) and an agreement between China and the EU on certain aspects of air services. Convergence of legislation can only take place at Community level. Canada and the Community have already taken the first steps towards a great convergence of legislation and this partnership can gradually become an open airspace between the European Community and Canada. The outcome of the proposed new partnership would send a clear signal to other third countries to join the trend towards a more flexible international framework for air transport. The Agreement between China and the EU on Civil Aviation Safety establishes a legal framework for comprehensive cooperation between China and the EU in various fields related to civil aviation security, such as airworthiness and environmental certification, air operations, air navigation services, licensing and training of personnel, and reflects the principles of mutual benefit and win-win.

In particular, the signing of the Annex to the Airworthiness and Environment Certification has created the conditions for cooperation on airworthiness certification of aviation products from China and the EU and offers great opportunities for exchanges of aviation products between the two sides as well as a solid environment for industrial enterprises of both sides to establish cooperation in the field of design and manufacture of aerial products 2000. The first stage of the negotiations should aim to restore legal certainty for air services between Canada and the EU. Both agreements “will create jobs, boost growth and bring our continents and peoples closer together.

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