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If you are not already logged in to an AP/LTP and/or are not a paid employee/Red Cross volunteer, our experts can help you begin the process with you and/or your employer if you call the number on this page. . For more information on the provisional certification of the Red Cross, see our FAQs. Yes, APs can take all the training for which they are certified American Red Cross instructors. Some of the programs that licensed providers can offer are emergency steel mill administration, adult CPR, aquaristics, asthma training, automated external defibrillation (AED), babysitter training, basic life support (BLS), training for blood-borne pathogens, epinephrine auto-injectors, first aid, HLW for infants and children, learning to swim and lifeguards. Any questions? Please call us. 1-888-304-6409MB – 9am to 5pm ET This new format offers the flexibility you need to train. New certifying students can take the online portion of this dazzling learning course and earn interim certification. Learners have 90 days to complete the competency session in order to obtain their 2-year Red Cross certification. First Aid/CPR/AED certification meets OSHA requirements.

The Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is also valid for two years. To get started, call 1-888-304-6409 or fill out the following form today! Yes. All Red Cross courses and products are scientifically based and data-driven to ensure that your professional requirements comply with all operating conditions. . . .

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