What Word Means To Break An Agreement

You can break something by chance, as in the example of glass waste, or you can break it intentionally — if I have a big chocolate bar that I want to give to three children, I would cut the chocolate into three pieces. So remember — “Taking a break” is a temporary break, but if you break a habit, I hope you stop the habit permanently. Similarly, the break means “to make something known”, we have a certain expression of breaking the news to someone, which means informing them of bad news. Suppose I see my neighbour`s dog flying out of their house and getting hit by a car — then I have to break the news of my neighbour that his dog is unfortunately injured or dead. We can also say that a sea wave breaks when it reaches its highest point and begins to collapse. Let`s end this with a few idioms! The first is to break the bank, which means being very expensive, almost as if it cost all your money. If you buy a new refrigerator, you can say to the seller, “I`m looking for a refrigerator that`s reliable but doesn`t break the bank” – which means it doesn`t cost a ton of money. If someone breaks your heart, it means they hurt you emotionally. Maybe a friend or friend you really loved decided to end this relationship unexpectedly – it would break your heart.

We can also say that a person collapses or collapses — it means that they have a sudden failure for their health — sometimes physically, but more often mentally/emotionally. they suddenly become very angry or very depressed. A new mother of triplets (i.e. 3 babies) could be so stressed by all this responsibility that she collapsed – so maybe she stops eating, and becomes very anxious. To break through is to make a rapid advance, especially by an obstacle. You`ll often hear it as a no-V when you`re talking about a breakthrough. When scientists try to develop new technologies and make a breakthrough, it means that they have suddenly crossed the challenges and made great progress. We also use the pause, when something no longer works, ceases to be functional, even if it is not physically partly. If you continue to display an error message on your printer and it is not printed, you can say that the printer is defective. Let`s turn with the word “break” on phrasing verbs. I have already mentioned the importance of separation to end a romantic relationship, and now we will learn more.

Suppose there is an actress who has only had small roles for many years, but she has a big break when she has the lead role in a big movie. This is a great sudden opportunity, and it means that she will continue to succeed thereafter. In the physical sense, breaking something is breaking it. This is often applied to things that should not break, such as the hull of a ship or a thick wall, as you broke the castle door! The resulting hole is called a break. When we say the break of the day, dawn or dawn, we speak of the beginning of the day, when the sun rises for the first time. We use the verb phrasal rash when a bad skin problem suddenly appears – your face could trigger a rash (red skin, irritated) or pimples (small bumps from clogged pores). It is also common to talk about struggles or violence when they suddenly appear. When your friend asks, “Hey, can you break a 20?” – he talks about money and asks if you have smaller tickets (like 5 or 10 dollars) to exchange for his $20 bill. Maybe he wants to buy a $2 item from a distributor, and he doesn`t want to put a $20 bill in it, so he asks if you have smaller bills to break his $20 bill. Another expression is to break your thinking — it is used when you think deeply about a subject and focus intensely on it, but something happens to distract you.

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