Tibco Spotfire License Agreement

Some support files, z.B. JAR files that implement JDBC access to a manufacturer`s database, are usually provided free of charge, but there may be a download license agreement on the vendor`s website. Other JAR support files are not made available to licensees of the product concerned. Note that many customers acquire licenses for TIBCO StreamBase® and TIBCO® Live Datamart. If you license TIBCO® suite containing TIBCO® Live Datamart as a sequel component, your tibco Live Datamart license limits managed customer data. This is the sum of your data provided to client applications provided by TIBCO Live Datamart. The exact limit for gigabytes of customer data authorized by your Suite license is shown in your TIBCO order form. Your existing TIBCO StreamBase license® will not automatically be updated to a TIBCO streaming license. Your rights under your TIBCO StreamBase license will remain unchanged for the duration of this license. Your download pack for updated versions may have tibco streaming branding. Your license for TIBCO Spotfire data streams allows you to create TIBCO streaming apps with the TIBCO StreamBase Studio development environment™ included in the TIBCO Spotfire data product download. The TIBCO streaming apps you create can only be used for (1) for data access and fishing and (2) to set up alerts on the server side. provided that data processed by such a TIBCO streaming app is only published in local tibco LiveView tables™ that can connect to your licensed version of TIBCO Spotfire.

If you ® only TIBCO StreamBase, your installation includes both TIBCO StreamBase and TIBCO® Live Datamart in the same installation package. In a single installation process, both products are installed in the same directory structure on the target computer. Your TIBCO streaming license includes the right to run either TIBCO StreamBase® or the TIBCO LiveView server™ or both singly or multiple configured for data redundancy and/or high availability. We allow you to download and print documents and parts of documents, including, but not only, information that we publish on the website that is expressly flagged as “downloadable” only for internal viewing and navigation purposes. However, all the technical information you download is also subject to the terms of your written software license agreement or your partnership agreement with TIBCO, depending on what is applicable. Please contact us to resolve a complaint about an aspect of the service related to the site by emailing us at the address below, emailing info@tibco.com or calling (800) 420-8450. On your request, you can receive these conditions by email. Regardless of the above, TIBCO LiveView Web Standard Edition is allowed for your production use, only to set up server-side alerts for your LiveView server instance.

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