Safe Third Country Agreement Ndp

“The Safe Third Country Agreement is supported by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to avoid so-called `asylum shopping`. The Manitoba government supports the Canadian government`s position to end this agreement in order to preserve the integrity and fairness of the immigration system,” Manitoba Immigration Minister Ian Wishart said in a written statement. THE NDP`s immigration critic, Nahanni Fontaine, said the abolition of the agreement would allow these refugees to enter Canada through an official port of entry, which is a much safer route, especially in winter. The agreement has long faced criticism and legal challenges from refugee associations, who say the agreement is an inhumane way to limit the number of people Canada welcomes as refugees. They say that the United States is not a safe country for all refugees and that the dangers to which they are exposed have increased under the Trump administration. Since Donald Trump became President of the United States, a NEW NDP MP has been calling on the Canadian government to stop repatriating refugees to the country. Not quite Trump`s border wall, but not too different. Whether it is a wall or a law, the message was clear: Canada does not want to take in migrants from the United States, even because ICE stories that keep children in cages or loot people`s homes regularly make headlines. The Federal Court of Justice`s decision is a blow to the Liberals and should serve as a wake-up call to their constituents who defend the rights of migrants. The Conservatives are already squiresing at their hands and promising to defend the agreement and close Canada`s borders. Liberals must now denounce the agreement and cooperate with migrant judicial communities to reform racist border laws. Under the Safe-Third Country (STCA) agreement, which has been in place since 2004, Canada and the United States see each other as “safe countries” for refugees and ask them to assert their rights in the country where they arrive first. Today`s decision by the Federal Court of Justice is an important and important victory for the rights of asylum seekers.

He made it clear that the Liberals are more false and that they have accepted a policy that endangers the safety of asylum seekers. It makes it clear that everyone, including those persecuted, should protect their basic human rights. Contrary to what Minister Blair has said in the past, this proves that refugees are not just “asylum purchases”. Refugee and human rights organizations have consistently condemned STCA. At a time when there is unprecedented migration around the world, it has effectively isolated Canada from the most accessible ports of entry for asylum seekers. The NDP also called for the agreement to be abolished. Last week, NDP MP Jenny Kwan insisted that the Liberals formally announce to U.S. President Donald Trump that the deal expires. ” (Refugees) are no longer safe under the Trump administration – and we need to do something about it,” Singh said in June 2018, referring to a policy widely condemned by the Trump administration to separate migrant children from their parents. May also expressed concern about whether the United States is really a safe place for refugees, especially those who accuse persecution of sexual violence and sexual orientation.

“In the face of a pandemic, the situation is even more precarious for those who need to take shelter and Canada has not hesitated to go back,” she said. He said that Canada should meet its international obligations under international refugee law at any time, even during a pandemic, when security issues are exacerbated. Prime Minister Trudeau must do the right thing, defend human rights and finally suspend the safe third country agreement, when Trump took office, there was an increase in the number of people who wanted to enter Canada.

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