Italy Trade Agreement With China

This book examines the political and trade ties between Italy and China, with particular emphasis on the second half of the 19th century and the post-war period. In recent years, economic relations between the two countries have intensified as a result of increased trade and trade agreements, which has positively expanded into their political and diplomatic relations. By examining original sources such as the archives of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bank of Italy and the Central National Archives in Rome, the author offers a historical perspective on the development of economic and political ties between the two countries. The respective chapters deal. B the role of international government authorities, the role of the Bank of China, the impact of trade agreements and foreign investment projects, etc. Given its breadth, the book will be aimed at scientists of economic history and the international economy, as well as political scientists and lawyers interested in international diplomacy and trade agreements. At an event held in Rome by a Jesuit magazine to discuss the Vatican`s breakthrough with China last year, Pope Francis made concessions to the Chinese government to bring all Chinese bishops into communion with Rome and have more access to the world`s most populous country. The ancient Silk Road was a route of about 4,000 miles built to facilitate trade between Europe and China, which crosses Central Asia, now India and Pakistan. In 1877, the German geographer and scientist Ferdinand von Richthofen was called the Silk Road.

The agreements signed in Rome are amid the question of whether Chinese company Huawei should be allowed to set up vital communication networks, after the United States expressed concerns about Beijing`s ability to help Beijing spy on the West. U.S. officials said there was a big difference between bilateral trade agreements with China, that every country, including the United States, had the right to sue, and sign the Silk Road that gave China a propaganda boost that it used to seek more economic profits through unfair trade practices. France, which is trying to increase its market share in China, has announced that it will sell 300 new planes to the Chinese and that it will ingest billions of euros more in other stores, ranging from the export of French chickens to agreements between French and Chinese companies on power grids and shipbuilding. The ancient Romans enjoyed Chinese silk and the Chinese enjoyed Roman glass. Marco Polo captivated the West with his stories of trade with the wealthy East of the 14th century, and Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci created a map of the world in Chinese characters revealing European exploration of East Asia. Chinese e-commerce group Suning, the largest shareholder in Italian Serie soccer team A Inter Milan, has announced an agreement with the Italian trade agency to boost made-in-Italy exports to China. In a stage that marked geopolitical shifts from west to east, Italy broke with its European and American allies during Chinese President Xi Jinping`s visit last week, becoming the first member of the Group of Seven Major Economies to officially address the huge new One Belt One Road global infrastructure project.

“The order of things is upset,” the French president said, suggesting that the Trump administration`s withdrawal from multilateral agreements had brought France and China closer together. The CDP and the Italian gas company Snam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Silk Roads Fund (SRF) for cooperation in international investment in China and the 120 or so countries that have already registered for the Belt and Road Initiative (BIS). In the past, commentators have strongly criticized China`s growing economic influence over Italy. A leading Italian politician has called the current trade agreements a “colonization” by a foreign government.

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